About Me

I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, and a Master of Arts (Art in The Public Space) from RMIT in Melbourne, Victoria. My arts practice is based on the development and creation of multi-disciplinary and multi-medium artworks that negotiate human and non-human relationships with concern to the natural world, the passing of time and globaslised human environments.

The process I use begins with in-depth research into subjects such as habitat loss, urbanisation, ecological distress, environmental change, and effect of human action or infrastructure on natural ecologies. This science based research is combined with site specificity, historical and literary readings, personal writings, and drawing, to form a platform for the creation of single or collective artworks.

I do alot of work with birds in my artworks, due to the many similarities in development, vocalisations and social structure between birds and humans, as well as due to the close relationships between birds and humans both in cities and rural areas.

The intention of much of my art and writing is to foster dialogical exchanges, raise social and political concerns, and investigate my emotional connections in an Australian context, and when relevant, with regards to the contemporary globalised ecosystem. I am interested in the use of text in art as a way to create communication, connection and shared understandings between artist and viewer.

You can view my art at https://www.rebeccawestlund.com.au/