“Notes from a Public Typewriter” – A book review

Last weekend I went to my local library to pick up a book about writing style which I had placed on reserve recently. The reserve section in my library is located near the librarians desk, in its own little space against a wall, with no need to visit the actual stacks to get your book. … Continue reading “Notes from a Public Typewriter” – A book review

Spoken Word – A Poetic Art

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Victorian Poetry Slam Finals at the State Library of Victoria (and dragged my family along with me too). As the night's MC Joel McKerrow began his introductory poem I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be. The entire night was enthralling, and my emotions … Continue reading Spoken Word – A Poetic Art

Text, Art and Audiences

Text has been used as a communication tool in artwork for many years. Some examples of this include: Magritte’s famous painting pipe painting Treachery of Images, the numerous comic strip styled artworks of Roy Litchenstein, the enormous collection of text based artworks by Jenny Holzer, and eco-artist David Buckland’s recent Ice Texts. But why do artist's put text in art? What is it that drives this need for communication with the audience of an artwork via not just image or colour or process but also words?